Don’t think, just do it.

In a previous post, Unsent letter. I wrote about a fantasy I had in my head when I thought about a specific person. Over a year later, it partly came true with that said person.

Friday night, I found myself getting out of a taxi to your house. I was nervous, I thought you were incredibly handsome. It hurt my insides a little but it was just another thought to bury deep inside of me. I have always been with men who I found to be a bit out of my league but it was something I couldn’t think on for too long or I would never put myself out there. As someone who worries often, when it comes to any sexual encounter, I have to throw all my worries outside the window. This time, I just didn’t make it the full way.

For the first hour or two of being being in your house, I kept telling myself that I was only there to hang out and perhaps, make up for the first time we met. (Not worth going into details with that as this is my sex blog after all).

Anytime you got close to me, I would push you away because I was still having an internal conflict with myself. I really convinced myself that I was going there and nothing was going to happen. Before I even showed up, I had someone over earlier that night and had unprotected sex with them and that was just another thing floating around in my head. really don’t think when I’m in the moment. It wasn’t until you put your phone in my hand for me to call for an Uber ride home that I knew I didn’t want to leave it at that. You were standing over me with your cock in a close proximity to my  mouth. You had a really nice cock, I’m feeling a little turned on thinking about it. My buzz was wearing off and the details are a little fuzzy to me at this point but the next thing I knew, your cock was in my mouth.

My sweater came off, my bra came off and we went upstairs to your bedroom. I never did take my leggings off and when I think about it now, I laugh to myself because even if I tried to convince myself I wasn’t worrying about something, it was still in the back of my mind that my body wasn’t the kind of body you were attracted to. But my mouth? Oh, that’ll do. I was still searching for my confidence and comfort for the most part but you made it easier by giving me demands. And fuck, when you put your hands around my throat, my uncertainty washed away just a little because at that moment, I was only certain of how much I wanted your cock back in my mouth. I really wanted to please you and I wanted you to do whatever felt right to you but that was another thought that didn’t escape my mind.

I associate pain with pleasure and I knew you knew that through previous conversations via text. It also takes trust for me to be open to having the other person inflict pain on me but even if it was unspoken, you went very easy on me but it was enough for me to dig my nails into your skin and you left a mark on my chest that I noticed the next morning. I tried to contain my excitement for the most part which killed me to be so nonchalant about oral but when you came on my tits, I just wanted to be covered all over in your cum.

Just when I thought I was about to pass out, I decided I needed to get myself off and started to touch myself, which ended with your cock being in my mouth again. I ripped my fake nails off and you let me stick my finger in your ass, something not many men would let me do, you would re-position me to your needs and when I knew I was about to cum, I even asked you if I could cum because you did tell me I had to ask for permission. I did and you came on my tits again. I couldn’t help but rub your cum all over me.

In the morning, I had the pleasure of having your cock in my mouth one more time right before the Uber came. I got into that Uber that morning as if I just left with a secret, which in a way I did because I knew it was something I was going to keep for myself. (Aside from writing about it here).

I can tell by my lack of detail, I wasn’t completely confident with this encounter.  You had told me afterwards I gave great head and seemed enthusiastic but I remained hesitant as my anxiety was telling me otherwise. So if I see you again, that’s cool. If not, I get it.  I’m not trying not to be too harsh on myself for enjoying some cock and acting as a cock slut for a night.





Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Sex is great, pleasurable, fun and all the while sex makes babies. But uh, that’s beside the point. Sex is something we should all feel comfortable talking about. Most importantly with the person we are having sex with. You should never feel guilty about what you desire. When it comes to sex, there are no limitations. (However, it must be consensual). So talk about it.

I noticed that a majority of people don’t talk about sex. As if we’re still in high-school and trying to hide it from our parents. (Or maybe that was just me). But what’s so secretive about it? I love sex just as much as the next person and I will openly tell you about my sex stories, in fact, I want to share them. (See previous posts) I will tell you that I’m attracted to both sexes and I’m still waiting on my three-some (with two females, not two men). I think about sex a lot and I want to know how many times other couples have sex during the week, their favorite positions, if they use toys or not and what freaky fetish they like. I’m curious to know what keeps others sex lives going strong as well as why it dies down for others. (I’m sorry). As for single people, I want to know about their sex life too. If they keep one sexual partner around, or have multiple or if they’re masturbating as much as I do.

As we all should know, the key to great sex is communication. When you’re on the same page as your significant other, you’ll both feel more satisfied. Maybe you don’t know where to start or what to even say, so I listed three things I find to be important to help you along the way. ‘Cause nothing is more of a mood killer than screaming out “DONT DO THAT!” or just not fully enjoying it. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. I was inspired to give my thoughts on this after talking to someone who complained about their sex life or lack of with their current partner. I told him to communicate what he wanted, he responded with, “she should know what I want.” Um, not everyone is a mind reader.. she isn’t going to know if you don’t let her know. So, let’s get to it.

Be Specific:
I came across this article a while ago, and you should totally check out the site because Tristan is a sex-positive babe. (
Tristan Taormino had given this advice to a fellow blogger,
“The thing that everyone has to realize is that it’s all about all the details and it’s all about the specifics. You can’t even assume that when you say “I like this,” like “I like it rough,” what that even means is going to be different for every single person. So you’ve really got to get specific. […] You can’t ask open-ended questions. You can’t say things like “What you do think of our sex life?” or “What do you like to do in bed?” These really generalized questions can easily get you an “Everything’s fine” answer, and then it’s like, the conversation’s over. So I think you have to ask more pointed questions, like “Did you like it when I tugged on your balls when I was blowing you,” or “How do you like your clit played with? Do I do it too hard, do I do it too soft? Would you show me how you like it?”
Ladies, you can’t assume your partner will play with your clit the way you want them to, speak up and don’t be vague. Ask for it in the sexiest way possible. Use your hands to direct them where to touch and the velocity or show them yourself! Trust me, it’s effective. And as for men, don’t be afraid to tell your lady how you want your cock to be handled. Otherwise, she just might think you get off on her grinding her teeth against your cock.


Have a sex conversation outside of the bedroom:
My past partners and I have done this on multiple occasions. We sat down with each other and shared our wildest fantasies, what we were willing to experiment with for each other, our boundaries, what we liked and what we didn’t like. I know what I like and I will always be vocal about it but I’m also always discovering new things that I enjoy. I want my partner to get off on getting me off. Make sure to listen to the person you’re discussing this with and take mental notes. So the next time you get to fucking, both of you should be leaving the bedroom with smiles on your faces. Don’t be shy, otherwise you aren’t going to be able to express what you want and that can turn into a whole mess itself. Sex should be fun, not stressful.

If something doesn’t feel good, say it positively:
Like I said, nothing is more of a mood killer than yelling out, “Don’t do that”, or “Stop it now”. Turn those negative words into something positive, try something such as “You know what I’d like you to do to me?” and of course, fill in the blank. In that sense, you’re not commenting on what’s currently happening or showing that you’re not feeling it. You’re just shifting gears entirely, and it’s like, “hey, I’d really like you to do this to me,” which sounds encouraging, which can be sexy if said in a certain way, and keeps the whole vibe positive.’
Safe words are important, too. My past long-term sexual partner and I created the safe word: Avocado. A safe word is what you say when you want it to end immediately and your partner is supposed to honor that request. It’s important to have when getting kinky because personally, when I might say “no” I totally mean, “yes” It could just be that it feels good. Or whenever I got into some BDSM, someone’s pain threshold might not be as strong as others. And I might not know to stop when I’m being called a “bitch.” So we never got anything twisted with the word Avocado. How could you? Just another reason why communication is sooo important. I can’t say that enough.
There’s a lot you can do to keep your sex life alive and well.  Being in long term relationships, I had quite the sex drive, so we had a lot of sex inside and outside of the bedroom. Let me tell you, your heart will get to beating in a dressing room. It’s sexy as fuck. But anyway, it kept my partners and I going strong. It helps to be sexually compatible with someone and again, communicating desires with one another is just the icing to add to that juicy cake.

Personally, I learned things from watching porn, from my past and present sexual encounters and of course, masturbation. I found my likes and dislikes and I wasn’t hesitant to give anything a try. I think sex is all about exploring new and different things. We’re all our own sexperts. We know exactly what turns us on and what doesn’t. Again, don’t forget to share that information with the person you’re getting intimate with because they are not mind readers. It’s okay to express yourself. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable but remember, you won’t get anywhere by staying silent.


Go on and get nasty, 


Sex Archives

I wasn’t completely certain in myself for continuing our sexual relationship, only because others would see me as weak, but I saw myself as being liberated. I didn’t want anything from you aside from your cock. I didn’t look at you the way I used to. Ah, love. No, instead I looked at you as a snack to feed my appetite because I trusted that you wouldn’t let me down in that sense. It wasn’t even just a snack, you would fill me up and leave me satisfied with a full meal. I hated to love it and I loved to hate it. It was one of those situations. 

I woke up on a Saturday morning to my usual routine, arm stretching out to reach for my phone and find a video to touch myself to. My taste varies. Sometimes, I’ll click on something just out of curiosity and roll with it. This particular video had the words “facial cum shot” in the title and it sounded alright with me. I went into my night stand next to my bed and pulled out my purple magic wand, I didn’t use it that often but this morning, it was practically saying, “please, pick me.”  So I did. I rubbed it on my clit, while I used two fingers to get inside. The video finishes as I finish with it and I let out a soft moan. That hit the spot, literally. 

As I sat up in bed, I didn’t feel like it was enough. Sure, I could go again but I was in the mood to not only share my orgasm but to make someone else orgasm, as well. So I sent you a text. I stared at it for a moment after I sent it, “Wanna fuck?” Short and to the point. Good enough for me. An hour later, you showed up at my door, giving me enough time for a quick shower and shave.

It’s a bit of a game, you would pretend you weren’t there to fuck me and I pretend the same. So I let it drag out for a few and you sat down across from me from the table as I was packing a bowl. I was only wearing a long-tee-shirt that showed just enough of my cleavage. No pants, fuck pants. We swapped boring work stories as I tried to play out in my head how I wanted to approach the fucking part. We passed the bowl back and forth and continued with the small talk.

A good fifteen minutes later, I just walked out of the room into my bedroom.  I heard you say, “Oh!” and you soon followed. I waited until you were in the room to drop my panties, you turned me around, lifted up my shirt and threw it on the floor. I laid my stomach on my bed and stuck my ass in the air. “Hit it, baby”.  I let out a little laugh. “That fucking ass is mine”. I heard you struggling to take your clothes off and I turned around to face you. You looked so handsome, standing confident in your skin, as you were getting down to your boxers. I shook that thought away as soon as I could. “Get that cock over here”.  

Once you made yourself comfortable,  I didn’t waste any time and I gently brushed my fingertips up the shaft of your hard cock and watched it bounce excitedly, I then let my fingers curl around your cock and gently moved up and down, your cock traveling in my loose grip. Pre-cum was already leaking from your tip and as I licked it off, I heard you take a deep breath and it was starting to get me going. My lips formed a tight O and I popped my mouth onto the tip of your cock. I wanted every inch. It’s all about the head of your cock right in my throat. That’s where you enjoy the most suction, the tightest sensation, the most friction – and the fact it makes me choke so violently and loudly around you. I’m struggling to breathe – and that’s turning you on even more. I gasped for breath any time I could but it never seemed I got enough air. Nothing existed at that time apart from your cock and making it feel good for you; and that, in turn, really fucking turned me on. You placed both your hands on my hair and bounced me off of your cock, I looked up at you and I see pure pleasure beaming off of your face, you see me looking up at you and you flash a devilish grin. You move your hands away and I take my mouth off your cock long enough for me to spit my saliva all over it. “You like it, baby?” You let out a laugh, “I fucking love it, bring that pussy here”. I positioned myself so you had access to my pussy while I went back to sucking your cock. Everything intensified. I lost a little focus as I now felt your tongue against my clit. I started to moan even more while your cock was deep in my mouth and I felt it stiffen, you let out a grunt as your warm cum went past my tonsils, deep into my throat. You flipped me over so I was now lying on my back in the position you were just in.  “You’re such a good cock slut.”  You leaned forward, your mouth enveloping my nipple, with your hand on my other breast. I reached for your cock to rub it against my clit, trying to see if I could get it hard again. I needed that cock to be inside me, I wanted to be full.

We made out like a couple of horny high-school kids, my mouth not wanting to part from yours, as my finger-nails ran up and down your spine. You were now fingering me, I was so wet, you could hear it. I reached down to grab a hold of your cock. “I need it, now.”  And so you fucked me, and fucked me and fucked me some more. My mind was absent of anything aside from the sensations I was feeling through-out my whole body.

I was expecting you to leave after we finished but you always lingered in my bed longer than I even wanted to. In a way, it made me feel okay about still giving you my body because when it was all said and done, you still respected me.

I looked over at you, with a look of satisfaction staring back at me. “I need more.”  I went into my night stand and pulled out one of my bullet vibrators. You took it out of my hand and turned it on. “I’m going to do it but you can’t cum until I say so.” Well, that was fine with me as I already exploded with multiple orgasms. Or so, I thought it was fine until, the familiar pleasure crept back in and I was aching to release. You put your hand over my mouth to muffle the sound of my moans. I reached down to grab the vibrator away from you and you let me, my hand leading my vibrator back inside to finish the job.  “Go on, cum for me baby.” Oh, and I did. 

We laid there in my bed soaked with our fluids and I felt as if I already needed a nap from feeling completely satisfied. Instead you told me to clean myself up because we were going out. “Out?” You nodded as you sat up, “Poker game later, pre-game at my house until then.” I wasn’t going to complain because I liked the idea of going out and seeing some familiar faces. I gathered any energy I had left, and did as you said.

I didn’t think for once that my “wanna fuck” text was going to end up turning into a 24-hour fuck fest but boy did it. I won’t bore you with those details, though.


Viens Pour Moi.

A Friday after-noon delight. Part 2.

So where was it that I left off? Oh, that’s right. I was begging you, “please”.  It was one of the many moments in my life where I would submit myself completely to you. I wouldn’t try to show you who was really in charge but instead, I would follow all of your commands. Sometimes, I needed to escape reality and you were always my escape.

So when that brush hit my ass a second, a third and fourth time, I took the pain in delight. It had always surprised you when I would moan out for more. “You’re such a good girl.”  You grabbed my throat and told me to open my mouth, when I did, you released your load of cum. “Don’t swallow, yet” You took my hand and led me to the bed-room and pushed me onto the bed. I tried to make myself comfortable and opened my legs up for you. Playing around with your cum in my mouth. “Now you can swallow my cum like a good girl.”  And swallow, I did. Your cock was unbelievably hard when you shoved it into my mouth and started with your thrusts. It was your favorite thing to do. You called it, “skull fucking”.  You started to finger me at the same time and I could feel my eyes roll back in my head. You didn’t cum again, instead you flashed me a smile because you had something else in mind. I watched you get up and head over to your dresser. You told me to lie still as you bounded my hands together with rope. It was something I struggled with when we first attempted rope play. I sat back and watched you do your thing. You were so good with knots, it was impressive.

Shortly after, you grabbed the flogger and hit my inner thighs which let out a loud slap. You told me to beg for it and I did. I never hesitated, I always obeyed you unless I wanted to be a little brat and switch it up. I heard the flogger hit the floor and you put your head in between my thighs and my legs were shaking. I was trying not to squirm and I had the urge to push your head right in there, your taste was a tease. Now on soaked bed-sheets, you untied the rope and flipped me into the doggy-style position. “Get your ass up”  I could hear your cock pound against my pussy. I loved that sound. I started to rub my clit again, while your cock was hitting every damn spot. Between my loud moans, you told me to turn over on my back and you came all over my breasts. I was smiling like an idiot.

I cleaned myself off with a near-by towel, trying to catch my breath. Everything felt so good, a feeling that lingered. I jumped back into bed and laid next to you. I felt disgusted in a way because we were broken up and I was still letting you have me but at the same time I craved it. I wasn’t sure if I could find another man to replace you. We learned almost everything together, experimented with each other. It made me scared to try someone new. Even if I knew that’s what I deserved.  I was slightly terrified that someone new would mean, my fantasies would get laughed at and pushed aside.

You wrapped your legs around mine and laid your head on my shoulder. We were both sweaty but I secretly needed more. I kissed your cheek in that old familiar loving way. It was then you gave me a serious look and said words that almost pained me more than that hair brush. “How am I supposed to find someone to replace you?” I wanted to scoff at that. There was so much I could have said but instead, I kept it simple. “You can’t.”  I didn’t want to get emotional in front of you, so I climbed over you to get off the bed.

I put my clothes back on and told you I had to leave. You said something right after but it was blocked by the sound of me closing the door. I didn’t want you to think I was there for any other reason than to please myself.



viens pour moi.

A Friday after-noon delight. Part 1.

I couldn’t help but be a tease when we saw each other again. You pulled my mouth to yours for a “hello, I want you right now” kiss and I gave you a quick taste before pulling away. I could feel your eyes watching me walk away across your living room as I took off an article of clothing with each step, leaving myself only in my thigh-highs and bra. It wasn’t long until you were behind me and threw your arms around my waist. I felt your breath against my neck and it sent shivers down my spine. “I can play, too.”  You whispered in my ear and kissed my neck.  Game on.

I pushed you away gently and my hand went straight to the zipper on your jeans. I pulled out your cock and could feel how hard you were for me. I smiled slyly. As much as I wanted your cock in my mouth, at the same time I knew you didn’t deserve such a pleasure. I stepped away from you, leaving a space between us. “I’m going to grab a beer and go for a smoke.” I heard you sigh as I left you there.

Hours passed and you were forced to look at me half-naked without being able to touch. I knew it drove you crazy. You would try and I would simply move your hands away from me. I wanted you to really want me.

At this time, we were sitting next to each other on the couch and I rearranged myself so I was sitting in front of you. I opened my legs wide, and started to rub my clit. You moved in closer to me and placed your hand on my knee. I saw a hunger in your eyes but chose to ignore it. “No, don’t touch. Just watch and enjoy.”  I was getting off on the fact that I could feel you lusting for me. You started to stroke the head of your cock, while I continued to touch myself. Now, I was getting more turned on by the minute and wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to withhold myself from you. But then, you flipped the script. I could tell you were no longer going to listen to me when you sat up and went to the bedroom and came back with my hairbrush I left out on your dresser. I thought, you must have seen that, you must have seen it and knew exactly what you wanted to do with it. I couldn’t help but smile. “I had enough of you flaunting yourself in front of me, my cock is aching to be inside of you.” I knew it. I knew I was driving you mad and you were going to punish me for it. You ordered me to lean against the back of the couch with my ass in the air. “Now, are you going to be a good girl for me?” I didn’t say anything, instead I slipped two fingers into my wet pussy because my god, I was so hot and bothered. Before I knew it, the back of my hair-brush hit my ass and made a loud smacking sound, I felt myself tense up. “I didn’t tell you that you could touch yourself now did I?” I felt you slide your cock into my pussy while you moved me onto all fours on the couch. You then warned me you were going to hit me harder and all I could manage to say was, “please”.   




Viens pour moi.



Unsent letter.

Dear you,


I think about you often. In the morning, upon waking, my tired eyes, searching for a trace of you to only realize you aren’t there and won’t be. I let out my morning moan as I shift in my bed and reach to my bedside table and pull out my favorite pink vibrator. I try with everything in me to remember your face, as my vibrator touches my clit.

I think about how it would feel with your hands around my throat as you whisper in my ear, “your my dirty slut.” I slip my vibrator into my wet pussy, while you slip your hard cock into my ass. Faster. Harder. You don’t go easy on me and I wouldn’t want you to. I get lost in the moment of ecstasy, until I remember, you aren’t there.

My imagination soon drifts away from me. I pull out my phone to find a porn video to finish up. But then you creep back into my head and I’m left with this feeling of longing. I crave you. I have to have you.

I find myself frustrated because I know how easily I could have you. Preferably with me on my knees, looking up at you and begging you to do whatever you please.

I think about you when I’m at work, wondering how it would feel to have your cock throbbing inside of my mouth, while you lay back and let me work my mouth magic on you. I get wet every time I think about it. You end it with cumming on my tits. I wonder what you would do to me if I willingly submitted to all your desires. I don’t think I should let the opportunity to find out pass me by.

Just let me get my hands on you.

I shook the thought out of my head as another moan escaped my mouth. Apparently, just the thought of you makes me orgasm. 



Viens pour moi.